india Regulatory Framework for India

Guidelines Documents Title Download Pdf
1. Guidelines under new penal Provision   View File
2. The Drugs & Cosmetics (Amendment) Act, 2008 and Guidelines   View File
3. Guidance Document for Export NOC   View File
4. Guidance for global access of OCTAMS   View File
5. Guidance document for Functions and Responsibilities of Zonal, Sub-zonal & port offices of CDSCO    View File
6. Guidance Document on Grant of Licenses in Form 11(Test License)   View File
7. Guidance Document for BA/BE.   View File
8. Guidance document on Common Submission Format for Import Registration of Cosmetics in India   View File
9. Guidelines on Registration of Import of Cosmetics   View File
10. Grouping Guidelines for Medical Devices Applications   View File

Gazette Notifications Title Download Pdf
1. Notification of Mundra and Kamarajar Ports under Rule 43A, Draft GSR 1051(E)   View File
2. 2018-10-05_Draft GSR 999(E)_Upgradation of Sch M GMP   View File
3. 2018-10-05_Draft GSR 1000(E)_Fee Revision For Various Licensing Activities   View File
4. 2018-09-25_Draft GSR 922(E)_Hydroquinone included in Note to Sch H   View File
5. 2018.09.25_S.O. 4972,4973 4974_Corrigendums to S.O. dated 07.09.2018   View File
6. 2018.09.07_S.O. 4379(E) to S.O.4712 (E)_Prohibition and Restriction of FDC drugs_Section 26A   View File
7. 2018-09-07_Draft GSR 848(E)_Rule 3, Rule 59, Fourth Schedule Seventh Schedule of MDR 2017   View File